A PEARL Without Price…

There is much joy in Mudville. After the snow from last night was followed by warmer weather today, I can assure you that Mudville is the right name for my town right now, or at least for my yard. But I digress…

I found out today that Wolfsbane and Mistletoe has been nominated for a PEARL Award for Best Paranormal Anthology of 2008. To add even more joy, three of the stories in Wolfsbane were nominated for PEARL Awards for Best Short Story/Novella:  “The Star of David” by Patricia Briggs, “Christmas Past” by Keri Arthur, and “Gift Wrap” by my esteemed co-editor Charlaine Harris.

I’d heard of the PEARL Awards, but in case you haven’t, they’re given by the ParaNormal Romance Groups, an online group of paranormal romance fans and authors. The full slate of nominees is listed here.

I had to be sure to blog quickly about this. You see, even though I only found out today, the nominations were actually announced February 1, with the PNR Groups voting through February 14. The winners will be announced at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time tonight. So I figured I should bask in the glow right away.

Whether we win or lose, Charlaine and I are delighted to have been nominated. We’re very proud of this book–I hope people enjoy reading it as much as Charlaine and I enjoyed putting it together. Thanks very much to the PNR Group for this nomination!


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