And now, a Four Star Day!

One of the most agonizing waits facing any author is the endless wait for the first review of a new release. Will reviewers love it? Like it? Hate it? Worse still, will they ignore it? As of today, my torment is over for Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, the forthcoming urban fantasy anthology I co-edited with the luminous Charlaine Harris.

In the October 2008 issue, Romantic Times BOOKreviews gave us four stars (out of a possible 4 and a half) and had this to say:

Christmas, Santa and werewolves lead to some highly hair-raising tales in this holiday anthology. The expertise of 15 wolfishly inspired authors is dished up into a combination of stories that run the gamut from funny to downright creepy. There’s a little something for every taste–literally!

The wait has ended in the best possible way.


2 Responses to And now, a Four Star Day!

  1. Maria Lima says:


    Happy Dance!!!

  2. Toni Kelner says:

    I’ve been doing the Dance of Joy myself, Maria!

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