Many Bloody Covers

Apparently the German edition of Many Bloody Returns, due out in October, has changed.  Here’s the new cover, with the new title:

Speaking of Many Bloody Returns, I’ve got a picture of the cover of the trade paperback, too. It’s coming out in Feburary 2009.

There may be some odd cultural reason why they switched the illustrated vampire to looking left in Germany, when he looks to the right in the US. I’d say it was a mirror image, but it is a vampire…


2 Responses to Many Bloody Covers

  1. Maria Lima says:

    I *love* “Happy Bissday”, hee!

  2. Toni Kelner says:

    i’ve actually ordered a copy of the German edition from the German flavor of Either that, or a lifetime supply of weiner schnitzel. It’s a shame I don’t read much German.

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